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Underground Utility Work Completed

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Construction started May 2nd with installation of a new underground electrical service to the property.  A new pole was installed on Boston St., and new electrical vaults brought in.  This work needed to be completed before demolition could start.  Safeway moved out on June 14th, then asbestos was removed from inside the store so that demolition could start on June 22nd.

New banners were installed on the fence surrounding the construction site on June 23rd and 24th.  The art was created by John Hay & Coe Elementary school students with two themes:  Under the Sea and Future Seattle, as well as a map of the immediate neighborhood created by Russell Roehling, a local illustrator.  This wonderful art was the brian child of members of the Queen Anne Community Council, Jessica Jezik and Kylie Keyzer.  Hope you find time to walk by and enjoy it.

Demolition is expected to take a month and the site will be cleared by July 20th.

The bus stop has been relocated and is now in front of the church south of T5rader Joe’s and the Tolley lines have been deactivated.

Excavation is expected to start on the north side of the site on July 7th and be completed in late September, after which concrete for the footings and foundations will begin.


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